Monday, May 25, 2009

I urge you to read the "Open letter to the Legislators"

I urge you to read the "Open letter to the Legislators of the Nation", attached PDF. The effort is getting traction in the grassroots movements all over the country, and Legislators seem receptive of the petition as a Constitutional endorsement of their enforcement of the 10th amendment. I have found most Legislators don't even know of this application of the Constitution.
It has been my experience, people feel emboldened when they come to understand what a powerful tool this is. When I have put this Petition in their hands, understanding it is constitutionally legal, WILL WORK, and they can make it work, people become very excited and engaged. This letter gives your Legislators the support and reinforces the authority needed to protect our most basic rights if needed, sadly, I am very much afraid it is needed. More importantly, it also puts the feds. on notice that impenetrable constitutional lines are being drawn.
The Petition attached to the letter should distributed county wide and signed by as many people as possible, and returned to you.
I suggest that a copy of the Open letter with a copy of petitions be presented to the local commissioners/ counsel members of your county in regular open meeting, and request upon introduction that a non-binding "Resolution of Endorsement" of the letter be constructed, introduced and role call vote be taken .
If the resolution is passed, copies of the letter with copies of the petitions, with a copy of the resolution should be delivered to your State House and Senate Representative.
If the resolution should fail to pass or not be put to a vote in a timely manner (within two regular meeting cycles), or rejected out of hand then note the opposing Representatives name and their specific objections. If their objection is reasonable I am sure we can reword the document specifically for the purpose of the resolution. Should it become evident that the Representatives are unreasonable and steadfast in opposition to the effort you, or I can write a opinion/editorial to be placed in the local paper that will hold them (by name) very much accountable for their actions of lack thereof. In short we will start a campaign to replace them. Our representatives must be held accountable if we are to emerge from this era in history a free People.
Attached is a copy of the "Open letter to the Legislators of the nation" in PDF form, this should facilitate proper printing. You have blanket permission to post, blog, copy, distribute the letter/petition, as written, as you see fit. Please make copies available to like minded people throughout the County, and encourage them to support the effort .
Please feel free to do what you can with this letter/petition, it’s in your hands now.
As long as we have a Constitution THIS WILL WORK! PLEASE USE IT.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you wish to discuss this effort, or the contents of this letter.

Thanks for your consideration and God Bless,
Power Point
Ed Pitts

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